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Professor Tim Gaskell

Guinness World Record Officials confirmed that Tai Chi and MMA instructor, Professor Tim Gaskell set a new world record for the “Longest Tai Chi Marathon“.

Professor Tim broke the previous world record by 2 hours and 33 minutes while continuously performing techniques of this treasured art for a total time of 31 hours and 32 minutes.

The event was broadcast live online to bring awareness and support to non-profit organizations for stroke recovery, diabetes, parkinson’s, arthritis, and cancer research.

As a martial artist of over 35 years, the Guinness World Record holder says,  “Focus, determination, years of training and community support were key to achieving the record breaking goal”.

Link to >>> Guiness World Record <<<

Link to >>> Guiness World Record Youtube<<<


Professor 8th Degree Kajukenbo Black Belt

+25 years Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor 

+25 years Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Instructor

Certified Instructor since 1997

Owner of My Tai Chi Course


List of trainings and accomplishments:


1985 California and Hawaii - Training martial arts in the Hawaiian style of Kajukenbo


1992 Fairfield, CA - Introduction to internal arts and Chinese medicine from Dr. Vince Black, Senior Grandmaster of Kajukenbo.


1993 Maui, HI - Traditional Hawaiian culture immersion and martial arts training


1994 Napa, CA - Wushu and Tai Chi training approved by the Chinese Exercise Commision from Professor Lei Li of Guangxi University, China


1994 Napa, CA - Instructor for Guangxi Martial Arts


1995 North Lake Tahoe, CA - Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga training


1996 Napa, CA - Aerobic Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Yoga instructor for La Cancha Health and Fitness Center. 


1996 Maui, HI - Completed advanced training in Asian and Polynesian martial arts


1997 Napa, CA - Certified martial arts Instructor of Kajukenbo, 1st degree black belt


2000 Honolulu, HI - Completed advanced training in Asian and Polynesian martial arts


2001 Napa, CA - Tai Chi instructor for Seniors at The Springs of Napa and Redwood Retirement Residence


2001 Napa, CA - Personal internal arts trainer for clients with Parkinson’s, Diabetes, CHF, CHD, MS, ALS, Stroke recovery, and sport related injuries.


2002 Napa, CA - Certified instructor in various martial arts styles and weapons from Chinese martial arts


2005 Emeryville, CA - Graduated College with an A.A.S. degree in Sound and Technology from SAE Expression College for Digital Arts.


2005 Umpqua, OR - Sant Mat, Surat Shabd Yoga initiation achieving various ancient Indian meditation practices under the guidance of Sant Thankar Signh and Sant Baljit Singh, and Dr. Kenneth Lossing DO. 


2005 Beijing, China - Certified Wushu Tai Chi course completion with Grand Master Wu Bin (Instructor for Jet Li and the Beijing Wushu team). 


2005 Beijing, China - Bagua Zhang (八卦掌) training by Grandmaster Wang De Ming (王德明)


2006 Napa, CA - Certified Bagua Zhang Instructor Grandmaster Jerry Cook, Buddhist Monk Shi Yong-Kai, Master Xiao Pu-Quan, Master Jinheng Li,


2008 Phoenix, AZ - Certified Dao Yin scholar, ancient Chinese internal arts instructor Grandmaster Jerry Cook, Dr.Sung Baek, Buddhist Monk Shi Yong-Kai, Master Xiao Pu-Quan.


2008 San Francisco, CA - Taijiquan Grand Champion performed for Grand Master Ming Lum


2009 Oahu, HI - Continuous Fighting Grand Champion for Kajukenbo Co-Founder Professor Frank F. Ordonez


2009 Phoenix, AZ - Certified Shaolin Wudang martial arts instructor under Grandmaster Jerry Cook, Dr.Sung Baek, Buddhist Monk Shi Yong-Kai, Master Xiao Pu-Quan and Master Jinheng Li


2010 Napa, CA - Program Director for Redwood Middle School’s NCOE ACE after-school program.  Sport activities included Tai Chi, boxing, wrestling, and conditioning.


2012 San Francisco, CA - Certified Instructor of Tai Chi for Arthritis Level one. American Arthritis Association. Instructor Robin Malby under Dr.Paul Lam. Tai Chi for health institute


2012 Napa, CA - Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor at Rohllf’s Manor Senior Apartments through EAH housing. 


2012 Napa, CA - Group X instructor for St.Joseph’s Hospital at QVMC Synergy Health Club teaching Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong, aerobic kickboxing, and self-defense courses.


2013 Oahu, HI - Certified Level 3 Reiki Master of the Usui Ryoho Method of Natural Healing under Senior Grandmaster Jason Groff


2014 Napa, CA - Specialist instructor of Tai Chi for Brookdale Napa


2014 Fresno, CA - Certified instructor of Tai Chi for Arthritis level two.  American Arthritis Association. Instructor Robin Malby under Dr.Paul Lam. Tai Chi for health institute


2015 Napa,CA - Certified martial arts Instructor of Kajukenbo 7th degree black belt under Grandmaster Pat Tyrrell 


2016 Fresno, CA - Trained Tai Chi Chuan under Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, 19th generation Chen family descendant.  Creators of Tai Chi Chuan, ming dynasty circa.1500 ce


2017 Napa, CA - Certified GroupX instructor and Personal Trainer for Active Wellness


2017 Napa, CA - Ashtanga Yoga workshop under Yogi Tim Miller.


2017 Napa,CA - Founder of My Tai Chi Course. A comprehensive online internal arts certificate and training course


2017 Rutherford, CA - Hosted 3 years of Summer Solstice Yoga event at the Robert Mondavi Winery


2017 Calistoga, CA - Hosted Tai Chi instructor for ‘The Experience Lab’ by ‘The Advisory Board Company’ hosted at Solage an Auberge Resort for 2 years in a row


2018 Denver, CO - Instructor of a 2-day Personal Risk Management and Tactical Defense seminar at the Radisson Hotel working with medical staff, U.S. Marshals, Pinkerton Security, Military and Law enforcement officers.


2018 Denver, CO - Certified Professor of Martial Arts Kajukenbo 8th Degree Black Belt under the Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana under Senior Grandmaster Jason Groff.


2019 Napa, CA - Hosted lectures on the ‘Origins of Internal Arts’ at the Napa Valley College Comparative Religions Philosophy course


2019 Los Altos, CA - Hosted lectures on the ‘Principles of Expansion and Contraction’ for the Global Conference for MA and PhD in Transpersonal Psychology hosted at the Jesuit Retreat Center 


2019 St.Helena, CA - Instructor of Tai Chi for Kids program at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School


2020 Benicia, CA - Partnered with Innovative Health Solutions providing services for the aging community


2020 National - Partnered with Experience Lab llc. Presenting Tai Chi to company officers and owners.


2021 Served as Vice President of the Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana 501(c)(3) for one-year

2021 Guinness World Record Holder for the longest marathon doing Tai Chi for 31 hours and 32 minutes

Currently hosts classes on Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga at Providence Hospital / Active Wellness Center in Napa, California

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