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What is My Tai Chi Course?


A video series of a comprehensive guide to understanding Internal Arts. 


Internal Arts are mind-body exercises intended to improve the practitioner's health and well-being.  This site will continue to expand providing more videos. 

The primary video series and information includes basic to advanced techniques.  

Tai Chi is a graceful Internal Art exercise practiced for the various benefits. 

☯ Balance

☯ Reflex

☯ Coordination

☯ Circulation

☯ Breathing

☯ Strength

☯ Posture

☯ Pain Relief

☯ Improves Quality of Life

☯ Reduces Stress (PTSD)

☯ Boosts Energy

☯ Mental Focus

☯ Convenient To Practice

☯ Easy Participation

☯ Gentle Movement

☯ Multiple Program Levels

Wellness Is The Purpose

It takes experience and expertise to build a successful wellness program.  Partnering with My Tai Chi Course makes practicing internal arts easier.

Research studies show practicing internal arts has a positive impact on personal health and well-being.

Build an awareness of health and wellness within yourself and your community.

Why My Tai Chi Course?

Easy-to-use video training course using streaming technology.

Access your account globally using a smart tv, smart devices and computers.

Online certification series for instructors.

Support programs for health care companies, development conferences, continuing education and more

Top 10 Visiting Countries

  1. United States 

  2. United Kingdom 

  3. Canada

  4. France

  5. Australia

  6. Turkey

  7. India

  8. Netherlands

  9. Philippines

  10. Spain

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