A well-known concept that has emerged from Taoist philosophy is wu wei, that can be translated as “non-action”, “effortless action”, or the paradoxical “action of non-action”.

Our upcoming new release is CHEN VILLAGE, a story that revolves around life in Chen Village, China and Chen Family Tai Chi. There are 3,000 residents in Chen Village and 2,500 practice Tai Chi Chuan on a daily basis. Almost ninety percent of the residents bear the Chen surname. In this feature length film we explore the growing number of Tai Chi Chuan followers from abroad that descend upon the village and how the Chen style and the generations of the Chen family have survived China's turbulent history to make Chen style popular all over the world. A fact mainly attributed to 19th generation grand master Chen Xiaowang. It is a fascinating look into rural village life and Chen Village's claim to fame as the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Yellow River civilization competes with Egypt and Mesopotamia for one of the oldest river valley civilizations in the world.


Discover the folklore behind the rise of the Imperial Chinese Dynasties and how the Han people came to dominate the region of East Asia.


Chinese culture is a titan on the world stage, fascinating westerners since the days of Marco Polo and Zheng He, bringing tales of the Orient to the rest of the world.


Join us now in the first chapter in the History of China!


Suibhne - published on Jun 19, 2018


Suibhne Published on Jun 19, 2018


China's 5,000 years of history expands to a vast amount of people who's knowledge contributed well to society. These people can include emperors of dynasties, extreme war strategists, and many others. Today we bring 5 brilliant people of ancient China.

The Chen Dynasty published on Nov 26, 2016

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